Waveflex Caraudio

WaveFlex FIR Tool (WFT)

The WFT (WaveFlex FIR tool) software has been specifically developed for the automotive products from WaveFlex Caraudio. Based on the very powerful software Rephase, it allows you to create your FIR corrections with a couple of clicks without having specific knowledge of signal processing.
WFT offers a lot of new features. Depending on the type of correction to apply, like phase correction, gain correction and simultaneous phase & gain correction, the software will adapt the configuration of the output data so that you can take full advantage of the power of your FIR WaveFlex Caraudio equipment.
A sample creation of a FIR correction in WFT is shown hereunder:

  1. Measure the frequency response for left and right side of the vehicle independently
  2. Export the data (gain/level and phase) in the *.txt format
  3. Load the * .txt file into WFT
  4. Apply the desired corrections in WFT
  5. Start by linearizing the IIR filters in the FILTER LINEARIZATION tab and then proceed with phase correction in the PARAMETRIC PHASE EQ tab.

  6. Generate the correction data file
  7. Connect & Synchronize with the DSP NX. Load the generated correction data file into the NX control software using the BROWSE menu and send to the DSP (Send to DSP)