Technical questions

- My head-units has more than 2 volts on the analog outputs, does it works with DSP A8 ?

YES. Most companies indicate the max voltage out of their units at zero attenuation (full volume) with all controls having an influence on output level set to their maximum.
The DSP A8 has an input volume attenuator that allows the use of head units with an output higher than 2 volts (refer to the owner’s manual for more detailed information).

How many units can be switched on using the remote out of the DSP A8 ?

The maximum current output of the remote out is 250mA. Thus it can easily turn on two or three amplifiers (check the current draw or your amplifiers). If necessary driving a separate switching relay with the remote out can solve consumption issues.

What is the reset button for?

The reset button is used only for software update purposes. It does not reset the unit to factory default or reset any settings. Please refer to the owner’s manual for more detailed information concerning configuration reset.

Does the DSP A8 accept balanced signals?

YES. The DSP A8 is fitted with Phoenix terminals offering balanced signals both on inputs and outputs. Please refer to the owner’s manual for more detailed information.

Can I use the USB port for streaming audio?

NO. The USB protocol is used only for modifying DSP A8 parameters.

Will the DSP A8 work out of the box without any configuration?

NO. There will be no audio output without routing the signal in the software.

Does the DSP A8 need to be connected to a computer all the tim?

NO. The DSP A8 needs to be connected only one time for initial configuration. Once configured the settings are stored in the memory of the unit and loaded on every start-up.

My control software does not start after installation.

The software relies on Adobe Air and Flash environment. If the installation of the software was successful but the software does not start it’s probable that your computer is missing some updates. Simply connect your computer to the internet, restart the software and follow the on screen instructions. The computer will install all necessary updates automatically.

What operating systems are compatible with the DSP A8?

The operating systems compatible with the DSP A8 are Windows (WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7) and Mac OsX.

What is the internal latency of the DSP A8?

The DSP A8 will induce a small latency in the audio flux as soon as the signal is treated, right after the analog to digital converter. The exact latency depends on the number of the filters used and their respective group delay. Global latency (input to output) is about 1.5 ms (milliseconds).

Where to get the DSP A8 control software?

After your order is confirmed, you will receive the software by E-mail together with your shipping confirmation.

Practical questions:

- How can I pay my order ?

The easiest way is to check out from the shopping basket in our shop. You will have the option to pay with your Paypal account or using your credit card via the Paypal interface if you do not have an account.
The other way is to do a wire transfer to our bank account after having contacted us by email.

Shipping time.

Usually we ship in 48 hours after reception of your payment. You will receive a shipping notification including the tracking number of your shipment

Is the use of the supplied fuse mandatory ?

YES. The provided fuse is mandatory on the power supply line. The product warranty is not applicable if the fuse is omitted. The value of the supplied fuse is 3A slow blow fuse and if needed should always be replaced with the same value.

What are the warranty conditions ?

WaveFlex Caraudio warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the date of purchase by the end user
WaveFlex Caraudio does not install or connect the products and because the products may be used in conjunction with products not manufactured by WaveFlex Caraudio, WaveFlex Caraudio cannot guarantee the performance of the audio system. WaveFlex Caraudio's obligation and liability under this warranty is expressly limited to repairing or replacing, at WaveFlex Caraudio's option, any product not meeting the specifications.

In no event shall the WaveFlex Caraudio be liable to the buyer or any other person for any loss or damages whether direct or indirect or consequential or incidental, including without limitation, any damages to connected devices, or claims arising from the improper, incorrect or otherwise faulty installation or use of the product sold.

What are the shipping conditions ?

We will only ship to a verify Paypal address or the address supplied by the customer during the checkout process.

What to do with a delivery problem due to carrier ?

We ship our products using Colissimo only (French Postal Services, Parcel division) which is pretty reliable. Nevertheless, as with any shipping service, a delay may occur or the parcel might get lost. In case your shipment is delayed with respect to the shipping time we have indicated in our shipping confirmation we thank you in advance to contact us via email at sales@waveflex.fr.
We will then contact the carrier and make a claim in order to start the investigation concerning your parcel; this investigation might take up to 21 days as per the carrier.
If the parcel is recovered during that period it will automatically be forwarded to you (most common case, i.e. a simple delay).
In case the carrier in unable to trace your parcel during that period of 21 days, the carrier will consider the parcel definitely lost. Only when the carrier confirms that the parcel is definitely lost we will re-ship your order at our cost.
If the ordered products should not be available anymore or be out of stock we will fully refund your payment for the order. If the ordered products are still available, but the retail price has changed in the meantime the actual price is applicable. We will either refund the difference or ask for a complimentary payment depending on the balance.
We cannot be held liable for any delay in shipping due to the carriers fault, due to strikes or for lost products. Any anomaly concerning the delivery (external damage of the parcel, missing products with reference to the shipping documents, broken products) must be indicated on the delivery form and signed by the customer. The customer has to contact us within 48 hours indicating the problems and if possible including a copy of the signed delivery form stating the anomaly.
The commercial invoice is included in the parcel that is sent to you.

What to do in case of delivery errors?

  • The customer has to contact WaveFLex Caraudio on the day delivery or no later than the first business day after delivery, indicating the nature of the claim as for instance error of delivery and/or non-conformity of goods in kind or quality with respect to the information on the shipping form/order confirmation. The customer has to contact us either via the contact form on our website or by email to sales@waveflex.fr including the order details (Name, Order number, Invoice number) .

  • Any claims not respecting the procedure or delays indicated above will not be taken into account and WaveFlex Caraudio cannot be held liable for the occurred damage.

  • On reception and acceptance of the claim, WaveFlex Caraudio will communicate a reference number for the items to be returned. The return and replacement of a non-conform product can only occur after the reference number for the return has been sent to the customer.

  • In case of a delivery error or return of the products will have to be returned in the original packaging including all the accessories using an established carrier to the following address:

    WaveFlex - Service retour - 3 Impasse Uranus - 31600 MURET

    In order to be accepted by our facilities the return shipment must be acknowledged by WaveFlex Caraudio as per the instructions above. The shipping costs for the return are covered by WaveFlex Caraudio, unless the product is not faulty and/or the damages to the product do not match the claim and/or return shipping documents.

  • In case of a delivery error the shipping costs are covered by WaveFlex Caraudio unless the product returned does not match the claim and/or return shipping documents.