Setting up your caraudio system DSP A8 + REW :


Waveflex Systems has been optimizing automotive as well as home based HIFI systems for several years using the latest available software and measuring tools.
We have therefore decided to share the synthesis of the necessary techniques to obtain a high level of results.


There’s already a multitude of papers on setting up audio systems, be it analog or using standard DSP units, and about audio and acoustic analysis in general.
The very specific environment we are dealing with has always needed specific techniques as the interior of a car reacts differently than for instance your listening room at home. With the new generation of DSP units hitting the market and the availability of powerful measuring system being widely available, the traditional way of setting up systems is getting somewhat obsolete.
Given the available tools and possibilities, the audio enthusiast / audiophile has to acquire the basics of acoustic science and techniques, unknown until now and absolutely necessary to understand the subject.

What’s the goal of these papers?
You will step-by-step discover your DSP A8 unit, learn to understand and master your DSP A8 based install in order to finally obtain the HIFI sound you expect.

MOOC: What’s it all about?

The Acronym MOOC stands for massive open online course and is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. In addition to traditional course materials it also provides interactive user forums to support community interactions between the participants.

How does it work for real?
I will regularly post new PDF documents. You can then ask your questions relative to the document under the Facebook publication.