Waveflex Caraudio


The DSP A8 MkII is the latest audio processor from WFC. It uses the proven platform of his predecessor and can control up to 8 active channels. It benefits from the last developments of the brand and now offers a digital input and volume control as standard equipment. It also introduces a redesigned and more powerful power supply. The re-engineered version will please the most demanding enthusiasts.

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The MCR LCD “multi-control remote” is an indispensable accessory for controlling the master volume of the DSP A8 when using the digital inputs. The MCR LCD also allows selecting between the four configuration presets and provides an additional digital input. The MCR can be supplied as a kit for custom integration or with his metalic enclosure and aluminium knob. The MCR LCD comes with a dedicated power board which need to be installed in the DSP.

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The DSP NX is a fully digital audio processor able to handle any type of stereo signal.Connected to the digital input (optional) of the DSP A8 or any other processor having a digital input it allows to configure all kinds of FIR filters (see application notes), even for the most demanding user. Phase or level/amplitude equalization, all necessary filters needed to better the acoustics of your car, even the most complex ones are now accessible.

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The DSP A8 is an eight channel digital sound processor with analog inputs (digital input optional) offering the possibility to drive a full active 3 way + subwoofer installation for your car. It also features a five band parametric equalizer per channel and the software allows for multiple settings that will satisfy the most demanding users.

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