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The DSP NX is a fully digital audio processor able to handle any type of stereo signal.Connected to the digital input (optional) of the DSP A8 or any other processor having a digital input it allows to configure all kinds of FIR filters (see application notes), even for the most demanding user. Phase or level/amplitude equalization, all necessary filters needed to better the acoustics of your car, even the most complex ones are now accessible.

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General description

    - 1 digital input

    - 1 digital output

    - 32 bits floating point at 400 MHz DSP

    - Isolated and delayed remote

    - Isolated power supply

    - USB 2.0 port for control

    - Independent parametric equalizer on inputs

    - Independent pass-band on each output

    - Strong metal case


    - 6 bands parametric IIR equalizer on inputs (20hz to 20Khz with 1 Hz steps, 0.1 dBu steps, Q factor with 0.1 steps, type peak, high shelving, low shelving and Linkwitz transform + biquad programing)

    - Compressor / limiter with Threshold, ratio, attack/release time

    - Time alignment 0-3000 ms

    - Phase polarity 0-180°

    - +12 to -72 dBu attenuation on each input and output

    - Muting and monitoring on each input and output

    - FIR section with 6143 taps per canal in stereo mode or 12286 taps in mono mode (1 DSP NX per side)


    - DSP Analog Device Sharc ADSP21369, 32 bits floating point, 400 MHz and 128 Mb of SDRAM, 2.4 GFLOPS

    - Digital audio interface receiver, TI Burr Brown SRC4382 for signal up to 216 kHz

    - DC-DC isolation for quiet operation

Technical description

Digital input

    Type: SPDIF or AES/EBU (20 à 216 KHz stereo)

    Optical Toslink, Coaxial RCA or XLR

    Each circuit isolated by transformer

Digital output

    Type: SPDIF or AES/EBU (20 à 216 KHz stereo)

    Optical Toslink, Coaxial RCA or XLR

    Each circuit isolated by transformer

System features

    Sample rate: 48 KHz

    Resolution: 32 bits floating point


    Type: Analog devices Sharc ADSP21369

    Maximal sample rate: Depends on selected software

    Speed: 400 MHz

    SDRAM size: 128 Mb

    Precision: 32 bits

Communication :

    Type: USB 2.0 plug and play driverless

    Connector type: mini usb

    Compatibility: XP/Vista/7/MAC

    Software: Open-DRC 2x2 + WFT (FIR impulse generation)

Power supply:

    Type: PWM

    Maximal input voltage: +16 volts (minus to chassis ground)

    Efficiency: 95%

    Remote out output voltage: +12v

    Remote out maximal current: 0.1A

    Delayed remote out : > to 2 seconds

    Consumption: 12W@12V max


    Galvanized steel sheet 10/10 with grained powder paint

    Top plate: gloss black PMMA 5 mm thickness with CNC engraving

    Incrusted aluminium brushed letters

Size: 226x165xh52 mm

Weight: 0.85 kg



Download DSP NX manual


Download DSP NX datasheet