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MCR LCD Remote

The MCR LCD “multi-control remote” is an indispensable accessory for controlling the master volume of the DSP A8 when using the digital inputs. The MCR LCD also allows selecting between the four configuration presets and provides an additional digital input. The MCR can be supplied as a kit for custom integration or with his metalic enclosure and aluminium knob. The MCR LCD comes with a dedicated power board which need to be installed in the DSP.

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General description

    - Digital volume control through rotary encoder

    - Allows selection between 4 saved DSP A8 presets

    - Automatically supported by DSP A8 software (Please read the manual before first use)

    - Provides an additional digital input and allows selection beetween them

    - Metallic case in option

    - Infrared receiver for use with wireless remote control (any type supported with our learning feature)

    - Auto powered via DSP A8 through dedicated board (need to be installed in the dsp)



Download MCR LCD Remote datasheet.


Download MCR LCD Remote manual.